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Eleanor Aversa

Eyes Open (2008)

life is more true (2008)
Performed at Rose Recital Hall at the University of Pennsylvania
Mezzo soprano: Allison Sanders
Piano: Donald St. Pierre

Movement for String Quartet (2007)

Piano/Violin Variations (2006)
Kristin Sawyer, violin; Eleanor Aversa, piano

Marilyn Bliss

Aurora Borealis (1990)
An excerpt. "Aurora Borealis" is for percussion quartet, and is inspired by the phenomenon also known as the Northern Lights. The instrumentation is 2 vibraphone, 1 glockenspiel, 3 suspended cymbals, wood block, temple blocks, marimba, crotale, tam-tam, glass chimes, ceramic chimes, sleigh bells, maracas. "Aurora Borealis" is published by Marimba Productions, www.mostlymarimba.com.
Beneath the Azure Sky, Mvt. 2 (excerpt) (2004)
"Beneath the Azure Sky" for soprano, flute, violin, and cello, is a setting in three movements of poetry by Afghan women. It is performed here by the Azure Ensemble, who commissioned it.
Blue Dawn (1998)
An excerpt. "Blue Dawn" is written for Native American flute and cello. It can also be performed on a regular flute. It is performed here by James Pellerite, whose JP/Zalo Publications has published several of my compositions for Native American flute.
Huatzu Hill (1979)
Huatzu Hill for soprano and chamber orchestra is a setting of four poems by Wang Wei, an 8th-century Chinese poet, as translated into English by G.W. Robinson. Three of the four songs depict landscapes near Wang's country retreat in the Wang River valley. The second song is a bittersweet farewell to a beloved friend. Huatzu Hill is scored for chamber orchestra and soprano soloist. It was premiered at the Composers Conference in Vermont and has been performed by the New England Philharmonic and the Berkshire Symphony. "A series of rich landscapes - the colors sharp, the feeling powerfully concentrated, the expression concise..." Boston Globe.

Lament (1984)
An excerpt. The genesis of "Lament," written in 1984, was a recollection of an early Martha Graham dance entitled Lamentation, in which the dancer sits on the floor and stretches her elastic jersey costume about her body with her feet and hands. I was impressed not only by the sad, isolated, wrenching mood of the dance, but also by its focus and its exploration of a single idea. Concurrent with this memory was a desire to write a new piece for solo flute, and a realization of the great beauty of sound that exists in the alto flute. Lament has been choreographed by Ruth Meyer, former principal, American Ballet Theater. Lament is recorded on "Airs to Charm a Lizard," Katherine Kleitz, flutist (New England Compact Disc, B0007MVHWG). Available at Amazon.com and at Discark.com.
Murali (2003)
An excerpt. "Murali" for solo flute is inspired by the Hindu tale of the flute-playing god Krishna. It is performed here by Nina Assimakopoulos, who commissioned the piece and has recorded it on Capstone Records CPS-8759.
Rima (1989)
www.piccoloflute.it/Mp3/Bliss sel.mp3
Nicola Mazzanti, piccolo; Giovanni Verona, piano.

An excerpt. Commissioned and premiered by the Piccolo Committee of the National Flute Association. Used as a standard competition piece by the NFA. "...a significant contribution to the literature..." Flutist Quarterly. Recorded by Nicola Mazzanti, available at CDBaby.com.

Svjetlana Bukvich

Before and After the Tekke

Rozdenstvo Tvoje
www.music-usa.org/streaming-content/BUK01_Rozdenstvo Tvoje.mp3

Jennifer Castellano

Spectrum: Seven Preludes for Piano (2006)
Jennifer M. Castellano, piano
Scarborough Presbyterian Church
Scarborough, NY

Elisenda Fábregas

Andante appassionato for flute (1996)

Colores Andaluces
I. Tres morillas
Colores Andaluces (2006)
II. Duende
Colores Andaluces (2006)
III. Nana
Colores Andaluces (2006)
IV. Jinete
Colores Andaluces (2006)
V. Zapateado
Five musings on the past (2002)
I. "Deseo" audio sample
Five musings on the past (2002)
II. "Definición" audio sample
Five musings on the past (2002)
V. "El sol" audio sample
Five musings on the past (2002)
III. "El pasado perdido" audio sample
Five musings on the past (2002)
IV. "Calor" audio sample
Five Songs (1986)
I "EL silencio" audio sample
Five Songs (1986)
II. "La mano impossible" audio sample
Five Songs (1986)
III. "La luna negra" audio sample
Five Songs (1986)
IV. "La guitarra" audio sample
Five Songs (1986)
V. "Clamor" audio sample
The Flaming Rock for SATB choir & string quartet (2007)
Audio sample #1
The Flaming Rock for SATB choir & string quartet (2007)
Audio sample #2
The Flaming Rock for SATB choir & string quartet (2007)
Audio sample #2
Gacelas de amor (2009)
I. "El amor desesperado" audio sample
Gacelas de amor (2009)
II. "Lucia Martinez" audio sample
Gacelas de amor (2009)
III. "El amor maravilloso" audio sample
Goyescas for flute, viola & piano (2009)
I. Pregon
Goyescas for flute, viola & piano (2009)
II. La familia de Carlos IV
Goyescas for flute, viola & piano (2009)
III. Las majas en el balcon
Goyescas for flute, viola & piano (2009)
IV. El sueno
Goyescas for flute, viola & piano (2009)
V. La fragua
Homage a Mozart (2005)
Audio #1
Homenaje a Mompou (2007)
I. "Crits en el carrer" (Screams in the street)
Homenaje a Mompou (2007)
II. "Tengo una muneca vestida de azul" (I have a doll with a blue dress)
Homenaje a Mompou (2007)
II. "Tengo una muneca vestida de azul" (I have a doll with a blue dress)
Homenaje a Mompou (2007)
III. "Jocs de carrer" (Street games)
Hommage a Mozart (2005)
Audio #2
Mirage (1997)

Moments of change (2005)
I. "The moment" audio sample
Moments of change (2005)
II. "Habitation" audio sample
Moments of change (2005)
III. "More and more" audio sample
Moments of change (2005)
IV. "It is dangerous to read newspapers" audio sample
Moments of change (2005)
V. "Late night" audio sample
Portraits I (2005)
I. "Image" audio sample
Portraits I (2005)
II. "Capriccio" audio sample
Portraits I (2005)
III. "Lament" audio sample
Portraits I (2005)
IV. "Intermezzo" audio sample
Portraits I (2005)
V. "Toccata" audio sample
Portraits II for clarinet, violin, cello & piano (1999)
I. "Image" audio sample
Portraits II for clarinet, violin, cello & piano (1999)
II. "Capriccio" audio sample
Portraits II for clarinet, violin, cello & piano (1999)
III. "Cantilena" audio sample
Portraits II for clarinet, violin, cello & piano (1999)
IV./V "Dance & Finale" audio #1
Portraits II for clarinet, violin, cello & piano (1999)
IV./V "Dance & Finale" audio #2
Sonata No. 1 for flute and piano (1996)
I. "Allegro con spirito" audio sample
Sonata No. 1 for flute and piano (1996)
II. "Largo" audio sample
Sonata No. 1 for flute and piano (1996)
III. "Scherzo" audio sample
Sonata No. 1 for flute and piano (1996)
IV. "Allegro molto con brio" audio sample
Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano (1994)
I. "Allegro" audio sample
Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano (1994)
II. "Elegy" (Largo) audio sample
Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano (1994)
III. "Chase" (Allegro) audio sample
Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano (1995)
I. "Maestoso/Allegro ma non molto" audio sample
Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano (1995)
II. "Intermezzo" (Allegretto) audio sample
Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano (1995)
III. "Andante" audio sample
Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano (1995)
IV. "Allegro" audio sample
Voces de mi tierra (2003)
I. "El cortejo" audio sample
Voces de mi tierra (2003)
II. "Noche en la Alhambra" audio sample
Voces de mi tierra (2003)
III. "La moza y el gitano" audio sample
Voces de mi tierra (2003)
IV. "Gigue" audio sample
Voices of the rainforest (2007)
I. "Awakening" audio sample
Voices of the rainforest (2007)
II. "Sago gatherers" audio sample
Voices of the rainforest (2007)
III. "Evening storm" audio sample
Voices of the rainforest (2007)
IV. "Voices of inside night" audio sample
Voices of the rainforest (2007)
V. "Night spirits" audio sample
Winged serpent (2001)

Jennifer Griffith

Hang-up (2003)
Hang-up is a setup of sorts: after a fit of false starts, the voices finally make a go of it, intermixing in competitive and cooperative dynamics. Originally written with French horn, this is a recent revision with trombone, the instrument I had wished initially I could use in the piece. The trombone's lower register is an asset in this case, and the slide traditionally associated with jazz and blues makes for an authentic sound for its solo.

Lisa Hogan

The Flower
Text by Robert Creeley/Music by Lisa Hogan. Piano Ejona Gjermani, Tenor Nick Mongiardo-Cooper
Form of a Woman
Text by Robert Creeley/Music by Lisa Hogan. Piano, Ejona Gjermani and Tenor Nick Mongiardo-Cooper
Text By Sara Teasdale/Music by Lisa Hogan for soprano and piano (8 May 2007)
Siri Howard, soprano; Paul Kerekes, piano

Suite for Billy (2005)
Chamber - flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Performed by The International Contemporary Ensemble

Three Pieces for piano (2006)
Christopher Guzman, piano (14 March 2006)
Second Instrumental Unit

Mary Ann Joyce

Prelude (2003)
In Prelude, the Irish poet J.M. Synge takes us away not only from the city with all its noise, frenzy and chaos, but from our own internal distractions and fever-pitch activities as well. Here, for this brief and fleeting moment in time as Assimakopoulos translates the poem into music, the trinity of poem, nature, and music are one and the same.

Binnette Lipper (1939-2016)

Circles of Light (1996)
Concerto for piano and strings (8', in one movement)
Winner of Margaret Fairbanks Jory Copy Assistance Grant (American Music Center), June ‘96.
Commissioned by E. Ivanina for Amadeus String Orch., Moscow.

Commissioned for a Russian premiere in 1996, Circles of Light represents, musically, the shedding of intellectual light, due to the newly allowed freedom of expression in the former Soviet bloc: As when pebbles are tossed into a lake, intersecting circles of knowledge and understanding spread ideas that can eventually merge into mutual compassion and trust.

Four Glimpses of Night (2003)
The four short movements of Four Glimpses of Night for unaccompanied flute were inspired by the four short stanzas of Frank Marshall Davis’ poem of the same name. The sample corresponds to the first stanza: “Eagerly / Like a woman hurrying to her lover / Night comes to the room of the world / And lies, yielding and content / Against the cool round face / Of the moon.”

It was commissioned and performed by flutist Nina Assimakopoulos for the “Laurels” project.

Sonata for Piano, No. 3 (1994)
Sample: from movement I (Languid)
Critical responses to Sonata for Piano, No. 3 include this from Peter Burwasser, “The most substantial work on the disc is the three movement Sonata for Piano, No. 3… This music is defined by sinew and intelligence, making a strong and bracing impression without a trace of condescension.” ( Fanfare, Jul/Aug 2008). Jack Sullivan noted that “…the elegant classicism of Binnette Lipper’s Bagatelles and Sonata 3 are a boon to the entire repertory…” (American Record Guide, Mar/Apr 2007). The "American Women Composers" CD, which contains the Sonata for Piano No. 3, received two Grammy award nominations.

Joyce E. Orenstein Ph.D.

Fondations (2003)
This is a setting for voice and piano of a poem by French poet Yves Chapoulie. The poem combines beautiful language sounds to express angst in the modern world. It's duration is 2 minutes.

Alexandra Ottaway

Five Songs by Zotta (2007)
These songs, ranging from 2001 to 2007, include "Oh, Yes," which is listed below.
Hungarian Pastry (2007)
This really is better as an AIFF file on CD!
[If you would like to get one please email aottaway@nyc.rr.com]
This one is up on my store at nimbit.com, which now has three songs
for sale with Hard to Leave and Oh, Yes.

Jakob in Blue and Jakob Flying (2007)
Please click on "Nephew in Blue" and "Nephew Flying", the first and third movements
of the Jakob Trio! The second movement never really took off!

Mass for the New Amsterdam Boys Choir (2005)
Meditation on September 11th, written in 2001 and arranged by Tomoko Kamawukai
in 2004.

Oh, Yes (2007)
Going away/anti-war song
Radio Silence II (2007)
Quartet for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano

Alla Pavlova

Music sample from the ballet "Sulamith" (2006)
Music sample from the ballet "Sulamith" and also from the ballet suite "Sulamith".
The Ritual Dance dedicated to the Sun-God Ra, concluding the feast at King Solomon's palace on the occasion of the arrival of the Assyrian envoys ( Act 1, scene 1). The dance is performed by Queen Astis, who is King Solomon's wife and daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt, and the priestesses who serve the cult of Ra. At the end of the dance the sun is rising and the guests are overwhelmed by the magic of Astis.
Naxos, 8.557674; Moscow Philharmony Orchestra. Rossen Milanov, conductor.
The ballet suite "Sulamith" was premiered in May 2007 in Tokyo, Japan with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. Tomomi Nishimoto, conductor.

Rain Worthington

Rhythm Modes (1999)
2 vlns, vla, vc. 6'18.

"...Worthington has taken Copland's structural use of rhythm to a further extreme than most composers. She uses it to enliven and articulate, not only a fixed gamut of harmonies, but motives and melodies." - Kyle Gann (Chamber Music, August, 2003)

Shredding Glass (excerpt)
for orchestra - 2222, 2021, timp, 2perc, pno, strings(2004: 10')
Released on: ERMMedia's Masterworks of the New Era–Volume Twelve

Shredding Glass began as an immediate cathartic response to the events and images of September 11, 2001. It is an emotional remembrance of how a sense of time and timelessness unfolded while coping with the realization, heartbreak and impact of this catastrophic event. I believe the music transcends the specific to touch the hearts of others who have similarly experienced the devastating consequences of politically motivated aggressions and tragedies.

Still Motion (1999)
cycle for orchestra - 2000, 2201, timp, 2perc, strings.
(formerly entitled January - a cycle for orchestra)
7 minutes. Premiered: 2/15/01 - Orchestra of the SEM Ensemble, Petr Kotik, Conductor Brooklyn, NY.

The inspiration for Still Motion arises from a combination of sorting through the emotional residue of the year's end and the impatient desire to move ahead with life. It is a mix of edgy energy, reflective sadness and strength of conviction.

Yet Still Night
excerpt –
a nocturne for orchestra - 2222, 2200, timp, 2perc, pno, strings(2001: 7')
Released on: ERMMedia's Masterworks of the New Era–Volume Eleven
Premiered: 2/13/03 - Orchestra of the SEM Ensemble; Petr Kotik, Conductor; Brooklyn, NY.
Yet Still Night for orchestra plays out the dichotomy of outward naiveté/underlying sophistication on a larger scale. You first think this is a lullaby, rocking back and forth between D-flat and B-flat in quarter notes that wander around the orchestra. But this is an urban lullaby, and the nocturnal world intrudes in growing chromatic lines and thickening textures.
-- Kyle Gann (Chamber Music magazine)


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