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The New York Women Composers website Catalog was developed as a searchable database of music composed by NYWC members. In the interest of serving as a research tool for musicians, presenters, and others in the field of music, it includes music both of current and of historic members.

NOTE: New York Women Composers does not maintain a library of these works. Please contact composers or publishers directly to request any listed scores.

Instruments to include:

any voice   any high voice   any medium voice   any low voice   any female voice  
soprano   mezzo soprano   alto   any male voice   tenor voice  
baritone voice   bass voice   narrator/speaker   satb chorus   any woodwind  
bass clarinet   bassoon   contrabassoon   clarinet   Eb clarinet  
English horn   flute   alto flute   bass flute   oboe  
oboe d'amore   piccolo   recorder   any saxophone   soprano saxophone  
alto saxophone   tenor saxophone   baritone saxophone   bass saxophone   any string  
violin   viola   cello   contrabass   guitar  
harp   mandolin   any brass   euphonium   horn  
tuba   trombone   tenor trombone   bass trombone   trumpet  
accordion   bells   celesta   chimes   Chinese instruments  
drum set   electronics   gamelan   marimba   organ  
percussion   piano   harpsichord   synthesizer   tape  
timpani   vibraphone   xylophone  

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