New York Women Composers, Inc.    

...and the eagle flies... New American Orchestral Music
Elizabeth R. Austin, Richard Brooks, F. DiArta Angeli

Airs to Charm a Lizard
Marilyn Bliss, Victoria Bond, Katherine Hoover, others.

All Things Gold
Melanie Mitrano

Amb veu de dona: Catalan Art Songs by Women Composers
Elisenda Fábregas

The American Collection
Elizabeth Bell, and others

American Music for Chamber Ensemble
Elizabeth Bell, and others

American Music from the Moscow Autumn Festival
Marilyn Bliss, Binnette Lipper, others.

American Piano Concertos
Victoria Bond, Jeffrey Hass, George Gershwin.

American Piano Music
Elizabeth Bell, and others

American Tapestry
Hilary Tann, others

American Women Composers
Binnette Lipper, Hilary Tann, & others

And So It Begins
Debra Kaye

And the Snow Did Lie
Hilary Tann

Arcadian Murmurs, Vol. 1
Binnette Lipper (and others)

Beata E. Golec- pianist and composer
Judith Lang Zaimont, Arvo Part, W. A. Mozart, Beata E. Golec

Beata Moon: Piano Sonata; In Transit; Submerged; Guernica; Inter-Mez-Zo
Beata Moon

Beneath The Tide
Rain Worthington, & others

Bittersweet Music
Marilyn Bliss, others.

British Women Composers Volume 2
Hilary Tann, and others

Cantata for the Children of Terezin
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter

Catalan Wind Music, Naxos
Elisenda Fábregas

Celtic Connections
Hilary Tann, Jane O'Leary, Nicola LeFanu

Character Sketches
Victoria Bond, Marga Richter, Ruth Schonthal, Judith Lang Zaimont, and others.

Chen Yi: Sound of the Five
Chen Yi

Child in the Garden: Contemporary Piano Music for Piano 4 Hands
Jennifer Castellano, and others

Cinematic Music for Film, TV, Apps, Video Games, and Youtube
Sabrina Pena Young

Clarinet Fantasy
Elizabeth Bell, and others

Classical Meditation
Alla Pavlova, and others

A Collection of Reflections
Elizabeth Bell.

Colors Of Love - Choral Music
Steven Edward Stucky, Bernard Rands, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Augusta Read Thomas, Steven Sametz, John Tavener

Composition Feminine
Elizabeth R. Austin, and others

Dancing on Glass: String Chamber Music by Women Composers
Adrienne Albert, Victoria Bond, Julie Mandel & Rain Worthington

Daytime & Night Songs
Mira J. Spektor

Der Seelenvogel - The Soulbird
Elisenda Fábregas, and others

Dew-drops On A Lotus Leaf
Marga Richter

Dragon – William Perconti and the Alloy Saxophone Quartet
Hilary Tann, & others

Dream Vapors – selected works for orchestra
Rain Worthington

Jane Leslie

Beata Moon

Elements Rising
Rain Worthington, & others

Emily Beynon Flute and Friends
Hilary Tann, & others

Hilary Tann and others

An Evening with Gerard Manley Hopkins
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter, Joyce Hope Suskind, others.

Svjetlana Bukvich

Hilary Tann, & others

Svjetlana Bukvich

Exultet Terra - choral music
Hilary Tann

Farewell, Russia - piano, vocal and instrumental music
Alla Pavlova

Elisenda Fábregas, and others

Floating (Digital Single)
Jane Leslie

FROM A WOMAN'S PERSPECTIVE: Art Songs by Women Composers
Juliana Hall, & others

From Liberty and Fragrant Harbors
Rebekah Driscoll

Frozen Reflections
Nina Siniakova

A FUTURIST MUSIC ANTHOLOGY: The Electroacoustic Mind of Sabrina Pena Young 2001​-​2014
Sabrina Pena Young

Gardens of Medici
Elisenda Fábregas, Anna Maria Luisa de Medici, Hilary Tann, others.

A Garland of Hymns and Carols
Sarah Meneely-Kyder.

Gotham Siren
Stefania de Kenessey

Hear This! Music from the Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss
Jennifer Castellano

Here, the Cliffs
Hilary Tann

Homage to Mozart
Elisenda Fábregas, others.

Binnette Lipper

Mira J. Spektor.

I Am An American Woman
Elizabeth Bell, and others

I So Liked Spring
Ellen Mandel

If Only Knowing
Rain Worthington.

Jennifer Castellano

Images of Eve
Hilary Tann, plus others

Immortal Diamond
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter

In Habitation
Elisenda Fábregas, & others

In Search of Lost Beauty...
Zibuokle Martinaityte

In the Theater of Air
Hilary Tann, & others

INTERVALS – 24 Works for Piano
Julie Mandel

Jane Leslie: "Shorebirds" (Digital Single)
Jane Leslie

Journeys, Orchestral Works by American Women
Marga Richter, Katherine Hoover, others.

Kid Stuff
Hilary Tann, and others

La Voix Nue
Hilary Tann, & others

Mira J. Spektor.

LANDSCAPES for Chamber Orchestra
Hilary Tann, Binnette Lipper, others.

Landscapes of the Mind II and Sonora (vinyl)
Marga Richter, and others

Laugh Regardless of Creed
Alla Borzova, and others

Lessons Learned
Judi Silvano

Libertaria Soundtrack (Special Edition)
Sabrina Pena Young

Light and Shadow – Modern Orchestral Works
Rain Worthington plus others

Live at the Jazz Bakery
Anne Phillips

The London Philharmonic Celebrates American Composers
Marga Richter, and others.

A Look Askance
Jennifer Griffith.

The Lotus Pond: Exotic Oboe Sounds
Hilary Tann, & others

Rain Worthington, & others

Manhattan Stories
Faye-Ellen Silverman

Memory Palace
Tawnie Olson, Paola Prestini, Timo Andres, Chris Cerrone, David Crowell

Hilary Tann and others

Millennium Overture
Hilary Tann, Sarah Meneely-Kyder, and others

Mira J. Spektor.

Chen Yi

Monologue for Violin and String Orchestra; The Old New York Nostalgia (Suite); Sulamith (Ballet Suite)
Alla Pavlova

Moods: Piano Music by American Women Composers
Marilyn J. Ziffrin, Elizabeth Bell, Rami Levin, and Rain Worthington.

Mother Earth
Elisenda Fabregas

Moto Continuo
Diane Jones, Osias Wilenski, Nicholas Anthony Ascioti, John A. Carollo, Robert, Fleisher, Brian Noyes

Tawnie Olson, Clara Schumann, Cécile Chaminade, Rebecca Clarke

Music for Velvet
Velvet Brown (Composer), Neal Corwell (Composer), Eric Ewazen (Composer), Alice Gomez (Composer), Verne Reynolds (Composer), Faye-Ellen Silverman (Composer), Henri Tomasi (Composer), Neal Corwell (Performer), Roberto Arosio (Performer), Velvet Brown (Performer) .CRLF

Music from Six Continents - 1991 Series
Joelle Wallach, and others

Music from the APNM
Sheree Clement and many others

The Music of Elizabeth Bell
Elizabeth Bell.

Musical Landscapes of Hilary Tann
Hilary Tann

My Dance
Judi Silvano

Native American Stories in Classical Flute Music
Katherine Hoover, and others

A Native American-Jazz Tribute (A Tune For America)
Pamela Sklar

Native Orange
Diane Jones

Neue Kraft Fehlund
Diane Jones, and others

New Music For Orchestra
Beth Anderson, others.

New York Tapestries
Marilyn Bliss, Victoria Bond, Alyssa Reit, Pamela Sklar, Rain Worthington

Nicola Mazzanti: A Night with the Piccolo
Marilyn Bliss, others.

Night Skies: Orchestral Music of Katherine Hoover
Katherine Hoover

North Moore Street Loft-2nd Concert
Rain Worthington

Odyssey: New Viola Music
Hilary Tann, Victoria Bond, and others

Of Erthe and Air
Hilary Tann

Of Water and Clouds
Elisenda Fábregas, Stefania de Kenessey, & others

One Step From Love
Nina Siniakova

Only Breath - New choral music from Wales
Hilary Tann, & others

Orchestral Excursions
Marga Richter, Howard Harris.

Sabrina Pena Young

The Other Way
Lisa Hogan

Rain Worthington, & others

Parts to Play
Rain Worthington, Judith Lang Zaimont, & others

Diane Jones

Peculiar Plants
Victoria Bond

Perigee & Apogee
Beata Moon

Piano Masterpieces - Chopin, Debussy, Fabregas, et al / Roger Wright
Elisenda Fábregas, others.

Pinsk and Blue - Chamber Music of Alla Borzova
Alla Borzova

The Pious Cat
Julie Mandel

Playing on the Edge
Marga Richter, Jennifer Castellano, & others

Poetic Images Beyond Poetry
Marga Richter

Points of Entry: Contemporary Works for Solo Flute by Women Composers, V. I
Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy, Mary Ann Joyce-Walter, Beth Anderson, Marilyn Bliss, others.

Points of Entry: The Laurels Project, Vol. 2
Binnette Lipper, Ruth Schonthal, Faye-Ellen Silverman, Joyce Hope Suskind, and others

The Praying Mantis and the Bluebird
Beth Anderson

Judith Lang Zaimont.

Rain Worthington, & others

Rain Worthington, Adrienne Albert, & others

Nora Morrow, & others

Quilt Music
Beth Anderson

Riders To The Sea
Marga Richter

Romantic Wedding Love Song - World Goes Round and Round (Single)
Sabrina Pena Young

Science Fiction Original Movie Soundtrack: Spiritus
Sabrina Peña Young

Set No Limits
Marga Richter, Katherine Hoover, Ruth Schonthal, & others

Seven Poems of Stillness
Hilary Tann

Shades of Light, Shades of Dark
Stefania de Kenessey

Shadow, Sighs and Songs of Longing
Joelle Wallach

The Shining Place
Hilary Tann, Lori Laitman, Paul Moravec, Lee Holby, & others

Short Songs to the Poetry of William Blake
Nailah Nombeko

Silver Pharaoh
Pamela Sklar (Track 7 co-written by Paul Sklar).

Sing for The Lord Has Risen
Anne Phillips

Snow Mountain: A Spiritual Trilogy
Marga Richter

Snows of Yesteryear
Elizabeth Bell.

So Much Beauty
Hilary Tann, others

Songs by Women
Joyce Hope Suskind, Ruth Schonthal, Elisenda Fábregas, Elizabeth R. Austin.

Songs for Lada/To The New World, the orchestral music by Alla Borzova
Alla Borzova

Songs in Transit: An American Expedition
Melanie Mitrano, Beth Anderson, & others

Songs of the Cotton Grass
Hilary Tann

Sonic Rebellion - An Alternative Classical Collection
Alla Pavlova, and others

Southampton Sunset
Jane Leslie

Sparks Vol II
Rain Worthington, & others

Spectra: A Concert of Music for Piano by Connecticut Composers
Elizabeth R. Austin, and others

Spectrum - Piano Music Composed and Performed by Jennifer Castellano
Jennifer Castellano

Speculum Musicae
Blaustein, Rakowski, Anderson, Clement

Speculum Musicae
Sheree Clement; David Rakowski; Susan Blaustein; Allen Anderson.

Starlight Reflection
Jane Leslie

Stories for our Time
Faye-Ellen Silverman, Hilary Tann, & others

Strings (Eternal)
Alla Pavlova, others.

Summer and Winter Songs
Mira J. Spektor

Swales & Angels
Beth Anderson.

Symphonies No. 1 and No. 3
Alla Pavlova

Symphonies No. 2 and No. 4
Alla Pavlova

Symphonies Nos. 7 and 8
Alla Pavlova

Symphony No. 2, etc.
Alla Pavlova

Symphony No. 5 and Elegy for Piano and String Orchestra
Alla Pavlova

Symphony No. 6 / Thumbelina Suite
Alla Pavlova

Tetrahedron Dreams
Alexandra Ottaway

These Visions
Hilary Tann

Tomorrow's Air
Hilary Tann, & others

Tour de Force, Eliza Garth, piano
Sheree Clement, & others

Transatlantic Tales
Faye-Ellen Silverman

The Truth About Love: Music and the Poetry of W. H. Auden
Binnette Lipper and others

Two by Three - Music by Women
Beth Anderson, Stefania M. de Kenessey, others.

Unto thee I burn: Song Settings of E.E. Cummings
Hilary Tann

Vanguards Volume 2
Marga Richter, Mary Ann Joyce-Walter

Victoria Bond: Compositions
Victoria Bond

Villa Diodati, A Chamber Opera
Mira J. Spektor

The Vocal Music of Marga Richter, Vol. 2
Marga Richter

Voices of Earth and Air
Alexandra Ottaway, & others

Welcome to Space Force
Sabrina Pena Young

West Meet East II
Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Jing Zhou, A-Mao Wang, Kay He, Qiuxiao, Xu

Women's Voices
Hilary Tann, & others

Women's Work and Play
Hilary Tann

Works of Faye-Ellen Silverman and Ralph Shapey
Faye-Ellen Silverman and Ralph Shapey

World Without Words
Hilary Tann, others

Victoria Bond

Faye-Ellen Silverman, & others

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